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Salam-o-Alikum, I'm a student and this period is the only time where I could do a part-time job to be able to sustain myself for the coming semester since our school is off for 1 month. Now the job comprises of me having to travel in a car, drop at a location and walk for some minutes distributing flyers and then the car comes and drops me at another location I keep doing this for 5 hours in the morning. From what i read people who travel a distance of 80 KMs are exempted from taking fast. Do you think my case falls in that condition if the total distance is around 80 kms and am continuosly on the move?

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Salam. It does not qualify as travelling as you are still within the limit. There are different opinions to this type of question, but in the end, you still have to make up all the fasts. Wouldn't it be better to get more blessings now?

Hope this helps. Allah knows best

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as this is not your real job and your doing that for just one month then you cant have fast at all.

there are some special conditions for some jobs like Drivers whom its their real job for years and they have to travel for life income so they must take all their fast completely.

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