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can i pending my salat time? i cant do salat in my office, be'use there isn't place to do salat. What should i do. Should i resign the job?

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the most important thing to you should be praying to allah first money is just somthing to help you get by and the majority of us dont even need money anymore but keep working to buy a bigger this a bigger that etc. but you shouldnt be trying to make time for salat and worship and make them as somthing you do on the side, prayer should be you number one priority and then work at the side to provide money for youself and charity, i suggest you pray in your little cubicle or ask your boss for a 20-25 every salat time to either go to your house or the nearest masjid and if he dosent accept this then i suggest you resign because why would you work for somone that tries to get in the way of your worship to allah or somone that just dosent allow you too that person would be somone the muslims should fight or shun not somone you help make money for

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you could ask your boss/in charge if there is an empty room so that you can pray there, or if you have an office you can pray there, there must be some place available.

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No .. but u can in time of the salat go to Mosque and after u can do ur job .

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Employees must work at a certain time on certain jobs under the contract, and for this they receive a salary. Employees have no right to do anything else at this time that may affect the quality of their work. If the operating time has been spent on other things that are not stated in the contract of employment, it is a breach of contract by the Sharia and custom.

قال العلامة البجيرمي الشافعي في حاشيته على (شرح منهج الطلاب) لشيخ الإسلام زكريا الأنصاري (3/174, ط. دار الفكر العربي): "وأوقات الصلوات الخمس, وطهارتها, وراتبتها, وزمن الأكل, وقضاء الحاجة: مستثناة من الإجارة; فيصليها بمحله, أو بالمسجد إذا استوى الزمنان في حقه, وإلا تعين محله ". اه

Imam al-Shafi'i al-Buzhayrimi in Haashiyat to "Sharh manhazh litulab", written by Shaikh-ul-Islam Zakariya al-Ansari (3/174, Publishing House "Darul Fikr al-Arabi") said: "The time to perform five obligatory prayers and cleaning for them, their ratibatov, food intake, mastered the needs of the excluded Ijara (lease, rent). A person can make a prayer in the workplace or in a mosque, if this goes the same time, if not then obliged to make in the workplace. "

If the choice is between mandatory and desirable, it is necessary to perform mandatory. Being at work is a must, it requires a contract concluded between the employee and the organization. Consequently, even desirable to leave the worship, if it does not provide labor regulations, is prohibited by the Sharia, because the failure is mandatory.

Taraweeh prayer for the forgiveness of sin is not because it is considered desirable, but if desired because of the missing mandatory, it is a sin (such as when a person, not to pray, read Quran before prayer time). A Muslim should worship the way God wants, and not as he wishes. There is no reason that permits the implementation of desirable, if this is left compulsory.

Conclusion: The employee is not permitted during working hours to go for Taraweeh prayers, but you can leave the work to carry out obligatory (Fard) prayers. The penalty is determined according to the labor law, so long as it does not contradict Shariah. When imposing a punishment should avoid rudeness.

A Muslim can perform Taraweeh prayers at night, as desired, either alone or collectively. If the night and not be able to accomplish, it is permissible after dawn prayers before lunch, because when the Prophet (peace be upon him) overlooked the night wyrd, it reimbursed him the next day at the appointed time, but the reward for the Taraweeh prayers, made after sunrise will be like for a refund. Allah knows best.

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