assalam walaikum... I have a relation with a girl 4 years younger than me. we dnt have any physical relation. but iy is said in my family that the more the age difference btween boy and girl.. the more they r happy?? is it really true??? I have good understanding with the girl... isnt it enough for us to be happy???

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can anyone give me an answer in this matter????

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I don't think age difference has to do anything with the relationship between partners, as long as you both love each other and have fun together and feel happy, then why care about age difference? good luck brother :)

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thnx fr the answer. :-)

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age has nothing to do with it sometimes its better to be older and sometimes its not it all depends on the people. everyone different :)

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It's depends , if love her so everythig will inshallh go right

4 years it's not huge diffrent

And it's enough to be happy

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