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i heard dat to be in long relationship is haram. i was in relationship with a girl for about 3 to 4 years and am not yet ready to marry her, she also understand dat and we realy love each order. so, what should i do

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No I don't think it haram but if you don't commit any bad sin if you two commit In such as: -kissing -disrespecting elderly blaming them for things when you haven't seen -sex outside the marriage -losing islam because to close to the girl -suspicions so,etching bad about each or other when you haven't seen or haven't got prove. There is a lots things can put you into sin just brotherh or sister be careful and good luck Other things I can say is you and your girlfriend understand you and your situation but you two need to let your parent know that you love each other in case parent decide something else, and be a good example to other and there isn't ny problem with waiting but it will better to merry her/him as fast as you can Thanks Remember in ur prayer

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Wrong.. Thats absoluuetly wrong., THat is haraam,why>? Beacause both of you are still ghair mahram, you 2 are not halaal for each other. So you can even talk to each other,Remember that when two people(strangers) are together, the third to be part of them is shaitaan. he can tempt you to haraam things, This goes against the law of Allah and his Nabi. The best thing to do is to inform you parents about this and let them decide. In Islaam its saidthat if one has the means to make nikah then he should go for it otherwise if he is not able to do so, then he should fast. when a man accepts to make nikah, know that he has fulfilled half of his Deen. And Allah will definitely sustain you both, provided everything the couple is doing, goes in accordance to Allah's law.

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