I have describe the whole situation for clarification. I was living alone apart from my family in another town for the purpose of job. I was sharing foods and the same house (other rooms) with another family. The women I was living with, is divorced has one daughter (who is married and living with her husband in another town) and a son. Things was going fine but one night she came at night in my room and wanted me to made her but I refused. She tried and succeeded after third night to get what she wanted. I never thought that something can happen like this because I was calling her aunty and she was 40 and I was 30. I know that it is Haram and I had never done any forbidden things before. This Haram relationship is still going on since 3 years. I want to validate it and seeking for forgiveness of Allah. What should I do in this situation?

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Additional Points to Consider:

The fact is no one looks 25 forever. Ultimately, we love the person we marry for more than their appearance. When we get to know someone we love and admire, we’ll love them for their inner beauty and overall essence. Once we find someone, we consciously or subconsciously want so badly for it all to work that we decide not to question or see what is clearly in front of our eyes: they were rude to the waiter, speaks ill of others, is rude to you, etc. We don’t stop to ask, “What does all of this mean about their character?” Never separate someone from their family, background, education, belief system, etc. Asking clear questions can clarify this. Ask questions like, “What does it mean to have a simple lifestyle?” “What are your expectations of marriage?” “How would you help around the house?” Compare your definition with theirs. Be flexible. Be open-minded! Giving in a happy marriage should not be confused with martyrdom. It should be about taking pleasure and seeing the other person as happy because of your connection with them. Morality and spirituality are the qualities that truly define someone in addition to beauty, money, and health. The morally upright and spiritual person will stand by your side during adversity and hardship. If someone isn’t God-conscience and doesn’t take themselves into account with God then why should you expect them to fulfill their rights owed to you? The ideal partner is someone who considers giving a gain and not causing a loss. Having a mutual and shared spiritual relationship will foster a successful marriage. Furthermore, a successful marriage is one that keeps the laws of family purity which require a certain degree of self-control and self-discipline, as well as the belief that the physical side of the relationship includes the spiritual and emotional side as well. Finding commonality and balance between the spiritual and emotional aspects of a relationship is a strong key to a healthy and thriving marriage.

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I am really sorry about the voting. There's error in voting system :(

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From all the conversations, suggestions, comments and perspectives I found that, I should end up the relationship. But I feel like a big mountain to cross, I don't know how to cross, I don't know. Allah knows well. All brothers and sisters here please keep me in you prayers.

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@Bibi Amina, jazakumullahu bi khayr. I used to see many of ur posts. I really benefited from this ur post. May Allah help & protect u and ur family in dis life and on Yawmut-taghabun, amin.

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never valid

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