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is any kind of swalat (prayer) allowed during khutba

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Yes there is two raka which is suna during the khutba which is allowed and that is if you enter the masjid during the khutba you are allowed to pray the two raka upon entering the masjid which we usually do when we enter any masjid even the forbidden times which is after Asar etc.. These are the two raka which are allowed when the khutba is giving. There is also a hadith which says, the Prophet [salallahu aleyhi wasalam] was giving khutba and a man entered the masjid and he sat down upon seen this the Prophet ordered the man to perform the two raka upon entering the masjid, which he did.

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Assalamualaikum warda.. im not a educated person or a syeikh or a ustad :) but i would i like to answer your question.. as i know, before a khutbah there a bilal usualy saying or after he make a prayer call(azan), the bilal will tell the Jumaah a hadith saying Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, 'anyone who spoke during the khutbah even with a few words then he is wasting his reward of the Jumaah' . so after i do the solat sunat two rakaat on entering the mosque, i listen carefully and appreciate what the khutbah all about. Waallahutaalaalam.. wassalam..

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