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assalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters,,, i hav this elder brother who keeps stealing my properties and goes to sell it and anytime i ask him he wil say that he did not take it,he stole my shoe,memory card,jeans,shirt,video games,and today he stole my new HTC android phone wich i luv so much,,,i dont know what to do with him sumtyms i become so angry to stand up and fight him seriously but he is my elder brother thats why i dont fight him cuz i think it might be a sin or sumting thats is very painful plz can anyone tel me what to do plz tank u

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Wa alaykum Assalaam .Have you spoken to your parents?

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unfortunately i have sort of the same problem at home... if you know no one else has taken it, and you know it can only be him (if it's happened like you said it is probably highly likely you know the truth), confront him about it, preferably in front of your parents so that things dont escalate out of hand. its important that you show him what he is doing is not right and that it has gone too far. its disrespect towards you, plus stealing in itself is haraam, stealing from your own family only makes it worse. lock your valuable belongings if possible. matter of fact, lock your room door when you arent home. I can only assume he steals and sells to use the money for haraam reasons as well. it does not matter if he is older, just because he is older than you gives him absolutely no reason to sin and oppress you like that. may Allah give you patience and strength, i wish i could say more to help you...

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tank you for that my brother my parents know about it he s not only a thief but also a lier,,if my parents ask him he wil say he did not do it i think i wil jus leave things to allah

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