Aswk....may Allah pleased with u all...i am going through really bad state of mind these days and very confused as what i want....after ishraq salah i prayed to Almighty Allah and asked Him to guide me if whatever i am doing is right or wrong or will i get what i want and went to sleep reading Ya Allahu Ya Badioo....i saw a dream that in my maternal home garden and i am mixing sugar and eggs to prepare cake...can u please interprete this dream as what it means to preapare sweetdish...i am really in need of an answer..Allah bless u all...JazakAllah Khairan

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I will be greatful if it is answered early

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WA alaykum asalam . Sister we can not interpret dreams here as no one has knowledge to do so. And one can do you harm if they answer you without knowledge. I suggest you ask someone of this knowledge. Salam

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