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If a husband call her wife a sister or a mother and it happens when he is agrassive or in a mood of joking not seriously he said this and same condition with a wife if he call her husband brother or father so that means there 1st talaaq has happens?if yes so can her husband rijuh with her wife for save there relation of marriage?

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Salam. I do not believe it does count for the first talaaq unless they were intentionally joking about divorce. Calling your wife sister or mother, or your husband brother or father, isn't necessarily intending divorce. Your wife is still your sister, and if she has a child, she is a mother. If he or she was joking around and saying things that involve divorce (i.e. "I'm going to divorce you," etc.), then it would qualify for the first talaaq

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absolutely that wont cause divorce./

(Jul 31 '13 at 02:30) peaceman peaceman's gravatar image
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