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Good Morning! I have been pondering the actions of humanity. I know that this world is full of good people and not so good people. I know that we all have a purpose in life. However, every now and again, I keep coming back to the same questions based off of what I see and understand as a woman of color. What I see is this: The White man, as a collective whole or a great majority, have always taken by force what they wanted and did not belong to them, lied upon people with dark skin, stolen, murdered and destroyed a great many lands and peoples, over and time again for a great many centuries. I do realize that slavery and human destruction has been brought upon each other regardless of skin color since sin came into existence. So why is it that White man can have all this power and dominion over the peoples without white skin? It seems as though they are favored race. Please do not be offended by my statements and questions for I mean no harm. I myself have White blood that flows through me.

Thank You and Have a Great Day,

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Simple answer is this: God has allowed it to be the way it is.

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We all got the same organ as black/white human being . Today people are talking on their nose they are not looking down to the ground their are looking at sky. Muslim dear brother and sister do not find any different between white/black human being they all servant of Allah and if you do find different it like you are laughing at god creation and you will commit sin. Today people say things to upset other to make the devil happier on us and to make Allah angry at us Dear belove muslim sister and brother forgive if my word hurt your feeling. Thanks

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All are equal before Allah, All our blood when comes out is red. Race is nothing but a color, We all breath the same air and eat what God has made on this earth. We all the same, just different skin color.

We are not better than blacks, and whites are not better than brown,. We all the same, and we all have blacks and whites and all other kind of ancestors.

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