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Hi to everyone ,

wish god accept all our fasting and praying in this special month . I try my best from first on Ramadan to pray more and make Zekr as much as I can , even I read ghoran with Traslate and I could read by my mind some of small sora like ghadr , nas ... Without looking to ghoran

I am really happy with myself now and I wish god accept it from me cas I believe that he is holding my hand , I wish he never leave me alone

I contact with him ( Egyptian person who I love ) but he reject to talk to me , just he told me that he is praying for me everyday that god accept my touba and forgive me but he told me that marriage subject is finished and too much issue around , he think that I left him but I swear to god the time I didn't contact with him I was learning and searching about islam and I was practicing how to pray ( cas I didn't know that even ) I bought the book call how to prey for children and I was trying , and second Reason it was I wanted to give him sometimes to be calm and forgive me by time And I wanted to adapt myself with what Iam doing , I want to know the means of what I am reading and why , I was study on that , but he thought I was busy and forgot him .

I wish really god help me to prof him that I never ever forget him even for one sec and I believe that still he live me and want me but he think that I am not good in my religious as I was (I am not perfect but I try to be ), and I will appreciate him to show me by his love the right way of life

He told me that he tried so many time to teach me Islamic thing and ask me just to listen at least but I reject ( he is 100%) right , but that time I was blind and don't want to be religious

Please make doa for me

Sorry for my poor English cas it's not my language but I try my best to explain what I want to tell and ask you help and suggestion .

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As-salamu 'alaikum wa ra'hmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfiratuhu. Dear sister, If the man you are looking for doesn't like you anymore and you are trying to get his attention back on you then no matter how hard you try, you can't succeed unless Allah wants you to . You should forget him and try to marry a muslim man who has good character. Sister you have my du'a. May Allah strengthen your iman, ikhlas and fulfil your wishes.

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