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Asalamualaiku wara'amatullahi wabarakatum.

I love a girl in my class because of are behaviour, the way she speak, are syle, are intellengency, and how she dress islamically. And i will like to take her has a future wive insha Allah. But i did not tell her how i fill. And i did know her parent. And i don't have what it takes to get married. So please brothers and sister what can i do islamically which is not haram to get her, till when we both graduate and get married.

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maybe you can ask her parents for her hand at the graduation ceremony or have your parents ask her parents or even your parents ask her for her parents number then call even an aunt or uncle or any event in which her parents might attend

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@ Yaas, Muhammad, and Amber thank you very much. May Allah grant you succes in all lifly activities. @ Amber i will take it has my destiny not to be with her and i promise if she did not agreed i will not forced or chease her. Thanks very much may Allah bless you and your families and your generations to come. May Allah guid us right. Amin.

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A.O.A. my advise is first tell the girl that you like her. and you want to be with her in future. maybe she also likes you and will be agree. then you should talk to your parents and they will talk to her parents. and if she will not agree with you or refuse then you should take your steps back and should not chase her.and in life if you will see her single then you should again tell her and ask her parents for her hand. i hope it will work. and remember that a Muslim girl can only marry to a Muslim boy in Islam. God will help you if u r sincere. GOOD LUCK.

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asalaam aleykum;

I think you will have to find a way and talk to her; From her reply you will be able to ask for parents address etc Caution
and if she will tell you that she is in love with some one else what will be your position at that moment?

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but, if she says no pls do not chase her....its not islamic and wrong..just accept as gods wish.

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Waalaikumusalam warahmatullah.. bro, im not a syeikh or ustad or married person :) but i would like to give you an advice. in this kind of relationship, we as muslim have to be patient in all aspect of life. we do it all because of Allah s.w.t and if we do it like we been watch by Him, insyaAllah you will be guide and He The Most Mercyful will help you. you must be patient in your getting to know her much better. tell her that you are interested with her. tell her that you like her. because you telling the truth. our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w like his ummah saying the truth. tell her what you want to tell her after all this. insyaAllah your heart will find peaceful after you tell to her. continue your study, dont ever leave 5 times solat a day solat, after your graduation maybe you have some fortune or maybe you one to find a job first for the future family, you ask her again and if she say yes, go meet her parent again(if can, get to know her family first) then get married in islam way. insyaAllah.. i pray for your happiness my friend..amin.

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