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Does listening to music in breaks your fast? I don't do this but I just to know. Also sometimes I watch videos on YouTube and there are some videos that have music in the background while someone is talking, should I stop watching or what?.

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Listening to music is haram and kills your heart in general, but it doesn't break your fast.

Like murder and stealing are not allowed, yet they do not break the fast either.

So watch out for one of Shaytan's traps - to say: "Since it doesn't break my fast, then it can't be that bad of a deal."

Give up music this Ramadan - for the sake of Allah - and spend your time reading Quran instead. May Allah bless you and make it easy for you. Remember me in ur dua Thanks

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thatwasquick no i don't agree that Muslims could sue their employers over anything, they agreed to work there and they new the rules and consequences of there choice so they should either live with it or quite (applies to all Muslims and non) but that still doesn't mean they shouldn't have their writes but i don't accept that way, and i do not think wearing a scurf during work really harms anyone, and i salute the women who sued the mattress store because that was offensive and if any place doesn't accept the veil then they should put a flier at the reception or even at the front door but not let them in and then ask them to leave, and if u mean she wanted to take her driver license with the face veil then they should have fined her because it is just disrespectful to the law and laws apply on all and how on earth would they know who she is with the a veil over her face, wearing it is her choice but when it comes to stuff like that then there is no question BUT if u meant the head scurf then i don't think it is much of a problem since her face will appear in the picture and will be recognized, i have searched a lot about music most fatwas make sense but different opinions so i don't listen to music but every once and a while i mean like every 4 or 5 months when i really feel like but after i do listen to music i do not feel like praying and i keep humming the song for a while and i am sorry for that so i guess yeah it has a bad influence and really the songs these days are not really about children and saving the planet

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