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Asalamualaikum A friend of mine did nikah with a guy, they are not living together .she still lives at her parents house and her parents they do not know about the marriage. The girl thought he is best for her but in time she realised she cannot be with his as she has got no feelings for him she doesnt like him and as she did nikah to get rid of her parents choice and now she is suffering . The guy is young and immature she do not want to live her life being uncomfortable.When she asks for divorce the guy says he will not give her divorce and he will leave her get married to someone else without giving her divorce and will make her suffer. Can he go and get married without giving her divorce and let her suffer?

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Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said : “Any woman married without the consent of her guardian, then her marriage contract is void , and the ruler is the guardian for whom has no guardian”. He also said: “There is no marriage without a guardian.”

The girl’s father is her guardian unless he is proven unfit on grounds of insanity, immorality, or malicious intent by a Muslim judge in an Islamic court or other presiding Islamic authority in the locality. In such cases, his guardianship is revoked and the next closest male relative will become her guardian.

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so basically they are not married so he could go get married or whatever and she should ask allah for forgiveness and move on with her life

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