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Assalamwalekum, I am muslim,age 27 years,I am suffering from kidney failure disease since 2006. My mother donated me her one kidney. My first kidney transplant was done in sept 2006.I recovered my health and joined my studies of engineering.I completed my engg in 2009 and started my job as a lecturer in engg college. But complications in my health raised just 6 months post to transplant and at the end of December 2009 the donated kidney of my mother failed. I was on dialysis for 2 years and by the grace of almighty God i got kidney from accident case (cadevar transplant) from hospital in Jan 2012. After 11 months of my transplant a girl came in my life and we got emotionally attached to each other. I had told her every thing of my life and every bit of health issues i had suffered in my past and she had came to my hospital and also the dialysis center where was taking dialysis.Even after that, she is willing to be my wife but her parents are not ready for this marriage. I really love my mother and my family,so much the care they take of me.But i am passing through a phase of life where i need some so one close to me to complete my loneliness and i suppose that loneliness will be filled by her.But i am so careful about her and love her so much that, sometime i think that she is risking her a lot if she becomes my wife. At the end of the day, i think that if she becomes my wife i will always try to give the best life what she deserves after marriage till my wafaat.I will give every possible happiness that a wife expect from her husband.And even my parents are ready to accept her as daughter if something happens to me. But i fear if her parents wont be ready and if she doesn't comes in my life for ever for any reason ,than i wont give up my life but try to be a good son and a good person. I also fear that because of this health issue will i have to live a single life.If I live a single life,what mercy Allah will bless me in aakhiraat,so that i can console my heart that something good will be there for me.Please help me my heart really needs someone to understand my situation ,my loneliness, my suffering and guidance for my future.please help me

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Salam, Brother be patient and leave everything behind to Allah then everything will be alright. I would advice you to make dua for yourself and for that lovely muslim sister ask your parent to make dua for you too :). I am really happy that you have you healthy health back and you been cure from illness and from the disease, you brother also need to show your really good side to your girlfriend parent plus prove them that you are everything for the girl and prove the you not the things what they think about you. Thanks May Allah give you a healthy life and let you married the girl you want and live a healthy life with your family.

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Salam. Ramadan Kareem. May almighty Allah Mercy you both, You and your mother on this holy month ameen. Have faith and In Sha Allah he will give you the best you need in your life. I pray for you ameen.

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Salam dear Sharif :)

I am 27 years old too ;)

I just read story of your life. at the first point I need to remind you that life and death is not calculated the way we humans do. you have health issues, alright, but who can say that your life will be shorter than mine ? isn't there any possibility that i just leave this world today in result of a terrible accident or any other reason ? so don't think about your life as you did before in your post.

about your loneliness, don't forget Allah :) no one is alone but of course in this situation you need a partner to get pass along all your life's troubles. someone except your parents so if you really love her and you are sure about your decision, don't push her back, open your life's doors to her and the rest is her choice. she know all she needs to know and she have the right to make decisions for her life.

I married 3 years ago and I have exactly your concerns about my wife, every day. and as you said I can just try to be a perfect husband and provide the best possible life for my lovely wife util my last moment of life. but considering death is not my responsibility because its out of my hands.and I'm sure you will be a perfect husband to her as you remember your love and responsibility.

may Allah bless you both and your future life :)

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