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virasat mien mard ka hissa aurat se 2 times zyada kiun hai iski waja kis hai jab k dunia ki her bari takleef aur na insaafi sab se zyada aurat jhelti hai to kiun hai aisa?

I want to know about virasat which I asked u on top

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: why men get 2 times more parts in inheritance property. What is the reason? as women undergoes worlds big problems and injustice, then why is like this?

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What mike (thatwasqiuck) said is wrong. They get more because they provide for us woman. Wouldn't make sense to have it any other way. Subhanallah men have to provide for us. And what we have in $ they have no right to have any say of what we do with it. Salam.

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because islam is a sexist ideology.

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sadie is right. the concept behind the woman getting half the man is that the man is the maintainer and protector of the woman. (doesn't seem to be working out for 'doomed in country') in the seventh century most people made their living in farming or from physical labor. so it made sense that the larger stronger male would be the provider. but in modern times, at least in industrialised nations it should really come down to intelligence. and like it or not, some women are smarter than some men. right sadie? you're smarter than me?

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