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i want a explanation about an anxiety or dont know how in islamic way would be a muslim girl 19 years old..after morning prayers i couldnt sleep...i started to worry without any "special: reason and just couldnt stay in one place..then i woke up and started to watch a movie trying to get that bad feeling out of my mind..during that time that i was watching a movie it was a part when men and her wife separatte with each other and dont know but i dont believe that that thing haded indication..i started to breath so hard, started to sweat..had both of them cold and hot sweats..dont know really how to explain and it was like something was tightening my chest..i just felt like it was the last moment of this life...i was to visit doctor and he sad that i haded a anxiety...i just want to know about any islamic explanation about this i really think there is any for this feeling..i would be glad if i find the real suspecious if it was like warning for my it may be ridiculuous what im thinking but....

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Wa alaykumussalam. I advice you to always recite Qur'an after the morning prayers rather than watching movies and always read the morning and evening Adhkar (get a book called HISNUL MUSLIM- The fortress of a believer), InshaAllah you shall see prayers for alot of issues including anxiety as taught by Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassalam. It is shaytan that makes you fear, no one knows the time he is going to die, only Allah knows. So, always remember Allah (by reciting Qur'an, saying Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Astaghfirullah, Laa ilaha illallah and many more prayers) and Allah will give you peace of mind and happiness.

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Thank you so much..first for spending time to answer my question..i appreciate these advices for real..thank u again..

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brother/sister I do have this feeling most of the morning too, but what you need to do is remember Allah at the time as much as you can read a islamic story, recite the Quran and try to watch islamic short clip and have a fresh air. this worry happen when you think about things to much i think you need to clearn your brain up your brain of theses things by moving all though about things gently easily away from your brain and say to your self that you going. think about something else. hope that help sorry for bad English. thanks please do remember family and everybody in your dua

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