I am male, I am married recently, I and my family having disputes with my wifes parents, They dont keep up their promises and always tell lies ( i personally experienced from them), upon that they interfere in my personal marriage life, will be ready to fight for simple things and also they make their daughter also to argue with us..they just feel their daughter is good n happy with me to they dont want anyone now. due to all this, me and my parents stopped talking to them and vise-verse. Now in islam according to quran its said that muslims should not avoid or stop talking to any relatives..i am much worried about how to deal with this..they always insult n talk harshly with my parents and recently with my sisters too. now how should i speak to them ?? I really love and care lot to my wife and my parents also do same, so me my parents and my wife are altogether happy now if there is no interference by their parents.anyways my wifes parents also not interested to talk to us.can anyone guide me to the correct way on how to deal with this situation. not talking is a sin even if they are rude and having attidue and ego problems?

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