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assalamu alaikum

About a year and half ago, I met this Muslim guy and we connected straight off the bat. He was everything I wanted in a man. He was 3 years older than me. One thing led to another and eventually we started to date. As time went by, he started doing little things to hurt me, like flirting with other women, or talking down to me including swearing and left me on several occasions.

I became extremely depressed over him and had to go to the hospital. I became so emotionally and attached to him that I feel there's no way to leave. A year and half later I'm still in the relationship miserable than ever. We broke up lots of time but somehow found each other again.

My family knows about him but his family doesn't know about me. I always try to led on him on the right path with Islam but he doesn't listen to me. I always try to encourage him to be a better Muslim but that doesn't work out. He hurt me alot(emotionally) and I need to get out but thinking about him with another women breaks my heart. I cry about it everyday..Im trying so hard to be closer to Allah right now. I need to find peace and happiness within my religion. Im 20 and Ive always wanted to get married in my early 20s but it looks like its never gonna happen now because he turned out to be a different man. He manipulates me so much and puts me down with his words. I regret all of this and not walking when I should have. When I try to leave him, he flips the switch on me.

All I want is for him to acknowledge what he does wrong and what he has done to me in the past. I cant go on like this anymore. My heart is in alot of pain because Im so in love with him but this isn't what I signed up for. I committed myself to him and he cant do the same. Please dont tell me Im young and I should be focusing on myself and school. I can do both. Im really mature for my age. I just feel like If I let him go, I`ll be alone forever.

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Hello dear sister

as my brothers said in last 2 posts, you must leave it to the God. Allah says :

"... But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not."

so just leave it to Allah and be patient and remember you deserve a man who loves you back and to have a peaceful life you need a real man as your partner in life troubles./

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wa alaikum assalaam.

This is really heart breaking, and i'm sorry that you are going through this just stay strong. Also I know you must love him a lot and you feel like you can't love someone else or get over him, but if he doesn't treat you the right way then you should just leave him, I'm sure that there is someone who loves you and is gonna treat you the way you deserve just don't worry Allah well Inshallah give you the man you deserve someday don't rush it. But at the end it's your choice. I'll be praying for you(reading dua).

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Wa alaykumussalam sister. It's really painful but i urge you to hold on to Allah coz HE never fail. Sometimes, what one wants might not be the best. Allah knows what is best for you & i pray HE enables you to continue to endure & provide you with a God-fearing,pious & righteous man that is going to be the coolness of your eyes. Remember Q65 vs 2 - ...And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him. So continue to supplicate to Allah. Ramadan kareem.

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assalamu alaikum
i agree with the 3 posts but ur desire to get married in ur early 20s if u don't think about it u will unfortunately get divorced in ur late 20s , don't rush anything all will come at it's time maybe in a couple of years u will meet someone better who will love u so think things out and be patient and keep in mind : A bad beginning makes a bad ending and good things come to those who wait . salam

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Hello i commented on your other comment but please add me on facebook, Im Mager Sabri with a baby picture and i wanna talk to you, can you add me please :)

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