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Asak, i am a muslim girl married 4 yrs ago n divorced (unfortunately) 3 yrs before and having a male child of 4 yrs. now i met with a person (unmarried) who wants to get marry with me at any cost. his family is not supporting him as the custom of our surrounding evolves. i have told him several times to go with his family wish but he refuses to accept my advise. he says that he is not doing any wrong or misconduct. he is doing as SAW r.a did in that time. so, i want to know is there any way how to convince his parents or family to get agree for our marriage? i want to know also is there any such hadith lying in my case so that we can understand this better? i heard about a lot of cases in this regard, as people did this in their real life but my heart is so shivering to think about him (person who wants to marry me). please tell me clearly with some writing examples too... Allah bless you...

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Salam. The Prophet (SAW) did do this, with Zaynab bint Jahsh. This marriage and girl were so important, no matter her past marriage, that it was done in Jannah. This is a true miracle of Allah and shows that her being a divorced woman means nothing. Because she was a great, great woman, she was married. She was one of the best of the Muslimas and was greatly respected. The fact that the Prophet (SAW) did this, should be enough to convince his parents that this is fine. Whatever culture they're going off is completely absurd to be looking down upon an act of the Prophet (SAW). The man who wishes to marry you doesn't even need his parent's consent in order to marry you, so that's always an option. I hope this helps. Allah knows best

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