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I've always been a tomboy, have never been feminine in anyway, and think I'm transgendered. I know it is haram, and is considered a natural urge that I should resist. That it is a hardship from God, and that the gender I was born with is good for one reason or another. After all, God knows what we do not not.

My question is: Should I tell my mom and ask her for help or should I try to work this out just with God? Or both? What am I to do?

I'm 13, by the way.

All answers are appreciated, may God bless you all.

you are 13!! People are not always mature physically at this stage. It is perfectly acceptable to exhibit tomboy behavior at this time.. But what really determines your character is how you think of yourself when there is no one watching you, but Allah(swt). And what sort of behaviour you exhibit towards the opposite/same gender in terms of your modesty. If you have not attained puberty yet, it is best to wait for it before you think of yourself as a transgender, as it can bring about hormonal changes to bring out ur feminity. But if this really bothers you too much never hesistate to call upon Allah for His guidance and share it with ur mom too as long as she is open minded on such issues. May Allah give u peace of mind!

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