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this is just a thought.. If Allah(swt) had just banished iblis from heaven for his rebellion and denied him any influence/control over the human body or soul or thoughts, while allowing us to retain our free will, would we humans still commit sinful acts? This question applies to all humans, right from prophet adam to you and me... What are your views?


I can understand the your explanation from the peace TV program, and it is perfectly fine. But I am more intrigued with human free-will's desire to commit sinful acts, EVEN BEFORE the "stirring of the spoon" (not just in the month of ramadan, but from the very day prophet Adam was created..).

to make it simple, my ultimate question is...

from the day of creation,

if there were no evil/shaitan/iblis/or any other external force acting upon humans (starting from prophet Adam),

if it were just 'Allah(swt)', 'The Earth' that He had created and the 'Free-will' he has given us,

would we still commit sin???

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I remember a student of Islam answering this question on PeaceTV a while ago, and the analogy he used when explaining why muslims still do bad things even when the devils are locked away was this:

What happens when you stir a coffee for 11 months?

It keeps stirring even after the spoon, or source of the stirring, has been removed.

In the same way the devils have been influencing us for 11 months, so even after they have been removed, we still commit the same bad habits and deeds that we developed before Ramadan.

I hope this helps :)

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Before humans were created, there were Jinn on earth, and they used to fight each other. Iblis was also on earth that time, but he wasn't whispering them to fight, he was good. It was the bad side of their soul that was making them do the bad things. After most of them had died, Allah sent away the Jinns to the oceans, and the shaytan was then lifted to heaven.

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Hi Omar, I'm not sure if your statements are true or not, but could you please provide some proof (a hadith or part of the Quran for instance) where this is actually told? It's important that we verify what we say in case we have made a mistake and confuse/mislead others. Thanks! :)

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So let me get this straight. Is it to be understood, that there were sinners (shaytan) among jinn, even before humans were created and even before iblis turned against the command of Allah(swt)? And there would have been similar human shaitans (due to our free will), even if there were no external beings (be it iblis or any other shaitans) to lead us off the righteous path of Allah(swt)?

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Forgot to also mention that, even if ALL of the shaytans were banished, there is still the soul for the human. The ultimate jihad isn't fighting your enemy, it's fighting yourself. Because there is the good side of your soul, and the bad side of your soul, your jihad is to fight your bad side of your soul.

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Omar I wouldn't quite phrase it like that, it isn't our souls that are the problem, it's fighting against our worldly desires.

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If Iblis banished, then there is still the lower-ranked shaytans. In ramadan, the doors of heaven have opened, the doors of hell are closed, and the devils are locked up. By the term "devils" it means the higher-ranked devils are locked up. There are still other shaytans, there isn't only one shaytan (iblis), there are many other.

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