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I'm in a dilemma. There is this girl, who I have feelings for, though I have never talked with her. There is something about her that made me fall for her. It has been going on for around a year now.

My problem is that others have proposed to her (and I know for sure she/the family has said no). I mean .. I need to do something, before it's too late. But then again, I don't feel i'm ready to have a relationship yet (maybe in a year or two).

What can I do in this situation? - And how do I know for sure that she wants me too?


The best thing to do is to go and meet her family,Talk to them and come on an agreement.Suggest the girl to pray her istikharah namaaz and wait for the answer, rememember marriage is one of the sunnat of NAbi saw,Thrs loads of barakah in it ans throeugh nikah,a man fulfills half of his Deen. So i'd suggest you go for it and Insha Allah if evrythng is okay, Allah will sustain you both,provided you two living in a halaal way

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