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1) Iam working in BPO banking process.Somebody saying bank job is haram for islam. So can i work even BPO process also......

2) please tell me about share market.Is it haram.....

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A muslim is forbidden to practise the give or taking of interest(RIBA in Arabic). The practise of riba is known to be one of the main causes of inflation(i.e. Constantly rising prise), you are a bank worker you wil notice that it is true. And there are othere reasons for its prohition. Muslims are warned not to make money itself an iteam of trade. They should instead establish islamic banks where money can be invester and borrowed and loaned in a Halal(lawful) manner without giving or taking interest. The Qur'an says about interest: ( "O you who believe! Do not take Riba, doubled and multiplied, but fear Allah, so that you may prosper." (3:130). So if you are working in a bank which collect interest so it is haram, and for share marketing it is still the process of using money it self to make trade. You too just think how can you borrow $50 and returns it with $100. And if you can't pay they will collect your properties which is bad hm. May Allah guid us right. Amin

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