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I've read in Allah's 99 names that He is All-Knowing (This means that He knows each and everything even the future). So He must know how we will live our entire life, and how much sins and blessings we will commit, and how we will commit them. In short, I mean He already knows our entire life. but we are also taught in the Articles of Faith (Predestination and Decree) that humans are given freewill. But if Allah already KNOWS, so what is the point of freewill.


He knows what you WILL do, meaning he knows what your choices in life will be. Just because he knows what you're going to do, doesn't mean you don't have a say. Everything is still your choice, he just knows what your choice will be. Free will is being able to choose and do what you want. Allah knowing what you're going to do doesn't change that I'm sorry if it seemed confusing. Allah knows best

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So, If Allah already "KNOWS" that I am going to slap a guy sitting beside me (its just an example). And "THEN" I do slap him. So where is the part of freewill.!!

By The Way. It would be much better and helpful for me and others with the same question in their mind, if you could explain your answer with an example or two.

And thank you very much for your kind reply. I really appreciate it :)

(Aug 01 '13 at 13:00) Raffay Raffay's gravatar image

The part of free will it that you are able to do so! your free will consists of , moving your arm to eat drink scratch and so on. Your free will to walk and talk as you please. Salam

(Aug 01 '13 at 14:02) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Salam, Dear brother and sister I know where you are confusing your self because I used to had theses feeling about those things but just think about your free will is Allah is not forcing you to so things Allah know all about you,your future and so on you have brain to use between fit and wrong things that what is free will from Allah you don't get to you said about the men sitting right next to you to slap him, okie you tell me if Allah force not to do slap him then what is your free will, will simple nothing because you not choosing what you really doing. As we all know the angel have to obey Allah which mean they have to do what Allah tell them so they don't have free will I think if I said wrong then forgive me but when it come to human being they can obey or disobey Allah so this is your free will if Allah force you and to make him obey only then that not the free will because you not choosing what you want to do. Hope that help Sorry for my some word if it hurt you.

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Yea this is a very big issue in Islam. Actually a pillar of belief is indeed the belief of pre-destination or qadr.

As you've stated before our birth EVERYTHING is already determined. How much we'll make, how many kids we'll have, if any, where we'll live, when we'll die, how we'll look, good or bad, etc....

But that doesn't mean we don't have the chose to do these actions. Allah gave us free-will and this is so clear even before man. It shows up first when Allah told the angels to bow before Adam;

Chapter 18, verse 50 Behold! We said to the angels, "Bow down to Adam": they bowed down except Iblis. He was one of the Jinns, and he broke the Command of his Lord. Will you then take him and his progeny as protectors rather then Me? And they are enemies to you! Evil would be the exchange for the wrong-doers!

So you see, when Allah made the jinns, he gave them free-will, ie Iblis disobeying Allah because of his pride in himself. (Angels, no free will, must always obey). But He knew that Iblis would disobey and He knew that this would happen.

Chapter 2 verses 29-39 29. It is He Who has created for you all things that are on earth; moreover His design comprehends the heavens, for He gave order and perfection to the seven firmaments; and of all things He has perfect knowledge. 30. Behold, your Lord said to the angels: "I will created a vicegerent on earth." They said: "Will You place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood? - while we do celebrate Your praises and glorify Your holy (name)? "He said: "I know what you do not know." 31. And He taught Adam the nature of all things; then He placed them before the angels, and said: "Tell Me the nature of these if you are right."" 32. They said: "Glory to You: of knowledge we have none, save what You have taught us; in truth it is You Who are perfect in knowledge and wisdom." 33. He said: "O Adam! tell them their natures." When he had told them, Allah said: "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth, and I know what you reveal and what you conceal?" 34. And behold, We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam:" and they bowed down: no so Iblis: he refused and was haughty: he was of those who reject Faith. 35. We said; "O Adam! you and your wife dwell in the Garden; and eat of the bountiful thing therein as (where and when) you will but do not approach this tree, or you run into harm and transgression." 36. Then did Satan make them slip from the (Garden), and get them out of the state in which they had been. We said: "Get you down, all, with enmity between yourselves. On earth will be your dwelling-place and your means of livelihood for a time." 37. Then Adam learnt from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord turned toward him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. 38. We said: "Get you down all from here; and if, as is sure, there comes to you guidance from Me, whosoever follows My guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. 39. "But those who reject Faith and belie Our Signs, they shall be Companions of the Fire; they shall abide therein."

So you see, Allah said that He would create vicegerents on earth! and low and behold! Although Adam was in the Garden Allah knew what would happen, and Adam had it written in his destiny but he also had the FREE WILL. Yea Satan persuaded them, but they could have chosen not to listen. ++ also another good point to mention here is that it says that satan, or iblis, was of those who reject faith. Although he was right there, worshiping Allah with the angels and in heaven! Though because of this disobedience we see clearly now that he was not of those with Faith. A lesson for us to remember...++

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so after iblis's defiance allah cast him into the hellfire. then he gave him a repreve until judgement day. why let him out of hell to spread mischief, and allow him to whisper in people's ears?

(Aug 01 '13 at 16:02) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

To test those who are best in conduct and Allah knows best . salam

(Aug 02 '13 at 01:06) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

but he already knows the results of the test? salam.

(Aug 02 '13 at 10:21) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

yes but if i gave u a test and i already know how u will do i still can't reward u or punish u before u take the test and after that i can , Allah knows best.

(Aug 02 '13 at 11:07) tokabo tokabo's gravatar image

why not? what you said doesn't make sense.

(Aug 02 '13 at 11:10) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

on what will i reward or punish?

(Aug 02 '13 at 11:25) tokabo tokabo's gravatar image

the already known results.

so if allah knows that stalin or let's say one of his great admirers, sadam hussien is going to murder thousands if not millions of people while they are both in the womb. what need is there for their births' and lives'? after their soul is present after 120 days mis-carriage them or still born. punish them because you know what choices they are going to make. and reward those whom you know are goig to make the right choices. there is no need for this life or this world.

(Aug 02 '13 at 12:55) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

The test about shayton. Is what I was referring to. He is here because he doesn't want anyone to get jannah el firdus. The point of everything is for allah. You don't have to understand it to believe allah knows best. Be careful questioning some of the things as its a way of shayton it causes doubts and confusion. Salam.

(Aug 02 '13 at 13:02) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

so allah created iblis and jinn with freewill. told them to bow to adam, knowing they wouldn't. then cast them into the hellfire but gave them a repreive until judgement day so they can test humans' free will. all the time allah knows who will fail and who will pass. so yes this would all be for the enjoyment of allah. a theater in the round. or as a wise person once said, a dollhouse. salam.

(Aug 05 '13 at 14:18) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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@abul rauf, In a hadeeth Qudsi the Rasul saws said that Allah said," The first thing I created was the pen and I ordered it to write, the pen asked what to write and Allah ordered the pen to write everything that will happen from that moment until the day of judgement." This is the Qadr and within the qadr we have a choice. Now in the Qada which is when Allah decree's something we have no choice in that. Like when Allah says to a thing Kun fiya kun be and it is, there is no choice in that. Yes Allah azza wal jall knows everything before it happens for he knows the choice you will make, but he doesn't influence what you will choose one bit. And there are numerous ayah's that confirms that man wrongs hisself from his own hands, meaning his choice,be careful when you say that this is done for Allah's enjoyment, I suggest you make tauba for this statement. And I need for you to show me from textual proof were Allah ordered all of the jinn to bow to Adam and cast them into hellfire... The sadam hussein anaology you used is easily answered once you come into sound knowledge that Allah knowing all things has nothing to do with our choice.Salaam

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is iblis not jinn? ok, i misspoke. not all jinn were asked to bow down to adam. i get the concept that there is freewill and he knows what decision everyone is going to make. that allah doesn't interfere in your choice, he just already knows what choice you are going to make. my point is that this is a silly concept. it means he created the earth simply to watch things play out, even though he already knows everything. he has already written the "play". so life is pointless.

maybe my friend was right. if you flip a coin, does allah decide how it will land? is that qada? earthquakes, cyclones

(Aug 06 '13 at 12:07) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Mike welcome back you are very persistent I admire that. Now what you have said needs no explination fir you already said yiu understand the concept. You say it us nor for you and I'm comfortable with that. To you be your way and to me be mine. Salaam

(Aug 06 '13 at 16:37) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

how's the diamond treating ya? glad to hear you understand that i understand. i guess this discourse would have been better under the "why do we live" question. but the two seemed intwinded.

"You say it us nor for you and I'm comfortable with that." cool. it's all good in da hood baby pop.

"To you be your way and to me be mine." from your lips to allah's ears. if it was just that simple. does not your way mean to dominate all other ways? so to the pagans you would say that? to the gays? to the blasphemers, the apostates? even the musicians or to those who wear silk or women in shorts?

(Aug 07 '13 at 12:50) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

those who drink or gamble? drink from gold or silver cups? fornicators? i think you get the point.

good to be back. shall we count the times allah has willed it? ;) 1.michael malzahn 2.mike malzahn 3.mike m 4.m mike 5.yohan 6.yusef 7.khalid sao 8.mdx 9+? and how many teeth. anyway, thank you for your welcome. peace out.

p.s. so if i take my name back will you let it stand. i think it confuses people. i've had fun seeing how long it would take for sadie to catch on, but i think she tires of my game. or do your brothers and sisters have no patients for me?

(Aug 07 '13 at 13:00) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

yes, I have patient for you are you the deedstooth if you then it me amiga if you remember me

(Aug 07 '13 at 13:03) Bibi Amina ♦ Bibi%20Amina's gravatar image

looks like you are the only one. even yaqin seems to now be drinking the kool-aid. my account may not survive much longer, so your friend's PM may not make it to me. and right now it looks like the community page is down. but i look forward to his/her enlightenment.

yaqin, what did your prophet jesus say? and the children shall lead them.

(Aug 08 '13 at 12:52) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Actually mike I enjoy your anthics, for you are entitled to feel as you like, and for the record I will never delete your account, if you recall I always wanted you around so other muslims can learn how to deal with your kind. I'm not drinking the kool aide my position still stands. I welcome you. . Salaam

(Aug 08 '13 at 14:17) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

cool beans. yes i remeber you telling sadie that. plus i've re-read it a couple of tiems. good i can bring enjoyment to your life. i enjoy this website as well. i see top banner is green for eid. happy feast to ya.

p.s. so what happened to shak789's, [567, what was the number. my memory isn't what it used to be?] question? also, do you have the power to delete? i thought only asif could do that?

(Aug 08 '13 at 15:26) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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yaqin brother barak allah feek akhi this man i think will revert to islam as it has been shown on many occasions those who persist in trying to prove islam wrong end up reverting.. as they try to learn islam to retaliate and use it against us but end up having such a good feeling from reading the most truthful of books.. mashallah soon mike

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sup, jinnbuster. i had a nice muslim on islamophobiatoday say the same thing. sarah, 2 maybe three years ago. i'll see if i can find it. anyway, i've read much more of the koran since then and many more hadiths. allah has not willed it yet. but wait, i've got free will. but allah has seal some hearts and made some deaf and blind 2:7-10. this is confusing. freewill with a sealed heart and deaf and blindness isn't much of freewill is it. and the circular logic goes round and round.

yaqin, i was thinking on my jinn comment. is it not said that all creation was brought before adam to bow? so only

(Aug 09 '13 at 10:40) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

iblis didn't bow at that time? and then latter some jinn with their freewill followed him? or could it be that some didn't bow right off the bat? ancient mythologies often confuse me. so iblis is satan/the devil. but there are lesser "devils" the shaytan. and they are evil jinn who whisper in peoples ears and posses people or take the form of dogs or scorpions or snakes? they live in the trees and mountains and can move great distances very quickly and are very strong. they eat like humans but can consume bones and they have children?

is that right jinnbuster?

(Aug 09 '13 at 11:07) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

keep going Mike your going on the right path in becoming a Muslim. may allah guide you. I was going to debate with you but we are taught that if you are dealing with an arrogant and ignorant person then it's best to make dua for them to be guided to islam inshallah.

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ah, yes. 7:199. i've read it and seen and heard it many times. cair had it on their home page for more than a month. so what you are saying is that you are less knowledgable then an ignorant infidel. ok. i claim no omniscience myself. so yes i'm ignorant, lacking knowledge, of much and yes i can come across as arrogant. oh, well. or are you going to tell me the root of ignorant is to ignore. as in i ignore "the truth" of islam. the truth of smokeless fire beings whispering in my ear at night? save your magic words (was that arrogant) for sadie or amiga.

yaqin no one here has steel?

(Aug 09 '13 at 15:08) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

sorry brother you do not know the true meaning of steel, in any case I still will make dua for you. wa salam

answered 193 jinnbuster's gravatar image

I will too. Insha Allah

Ya Allah you are the one who has power to do all things And you are the one who knows best. you are not unjust to any of your creation If its your decree please make mike a Muslim . Amin

(Aug 10 '13 at 02:59) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

thanks all, but trust me. you are wasting your time. but if you truely believe you have words with the power to change things, then pray for the taliban, afghan and pakistani. pray for al-zawahari, boston bomber, fed bomber sami osmakac, nidal malik hasan. or whoever threw the acid on those girls in zanzibar. (unless of course you think they are on the "true" path) say a dua for arber, he sounds like a fanatic to me?

you got any duas for healing?


p.s. the steel thing was an inside joke for yaqin. but if you like i will explain it to ya.

(Aug 10 '13 at 11:47) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

dnt worry brother we will also make dua for the biggest terrorist George Washington bush and his family and the people like him and your self .. as for the steel if it was meant at yaqin then you shouldn't include others in your sarcastic jokes. but as he yaqin is my brother in islam that is my duty to defend him..

(Aug 11 '13 at 03:56) jinnbuster jinnbuster's gravatar image

i imaging w will be grateful. i think he just had heart surgery.

anyway the whole steel thing is a referance to yaqin's metaphor for our debate being like steel on steel. that to remain sharp one's steel must clash with other steel. and jinnbuster said he didn't want to debate. wasn't meant as an insult to anyone.

(Aug 12 '13 at 10:31) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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