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Aswk all...may Allah bless you.....please explain that can we make dua that is our wish and if it is not jayez...because only Allah knows better and He only fulfills....i believe that legal or illegal all matters are to be dealt by Allah only...please help...jazakAllah

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make an example brother/sister

(Jul 31 '13 at 19:05) peaceman peaceman's gravatar image

Aswk...yes like if i wish get something and that thing is not jayez for me....jazakAllah...

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WSlm, When you know that this thing is not permissible for you, then y ask for it?

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But what if v desire for it and v want that badly...if your happiness is in that....

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And as far as your intentions are good is it fine if v seek help from Almighty Allah to get it in ur life....jazakAllah

(Aug 01 '13 at 01:55) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

None of you Duaas are accepted in any month except Ramadan,

You can supplicate, Its Allah`s wish , to grant you or , Allah will store for you for Aakhira

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JazakAllah @ teenmuslim...i was of the same mind but Was not sure if i was right....Allah Knows Best....remember me in ur prayers all of u...i need them badly...

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don't say like that!< badly, ty its my job remember me in your duaas too

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r u asking about Dua for Hajat?

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