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My mother and father are separated and are not on good terms, my mother does not want my father at my wedding and has sad if he is there she and her family wont come, what should i do islamically? also in terms if blessing etc.

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Salaam, sister.

There is nothing to prevent you getting married.

Your mother needs to be reminded that this is your day, and that she ought to stop being selfish, and put your own desires before hers.

If your parents really cannot bear to be civil toward each other on this very special occasion then let them sit as far from each other as possible!

Make it your business to spend equal time with both of them, and avoid any temptation to speak badly of one to the other (I’m sure you are not the type who would do this!)

If, in spite of your wishes, your mother and family really do decide to stay away, then approach your father and seek his support. It may be that he will sacrifice his time with you for the sake of your joy. In which case, be sure that you and your husband spend lots of time with him after the wedding! Not only will this please your dad; it will annoy the teeth out of your mother and family, which will be no more than they deserve (but shhhhh……..I never said that!).

I’m sorry that you’ve been placed in this position. May Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) grant you every blessing and happiness.

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