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Greetings. I am a man of science and a fighter for equality. Being a lover of history, it didn't take me long to see the wonders Islam brought to a dark time for humanity. Islam strongly believed in not allowing faith to interfere with scientific progress, and that all are equal. From my intense studies recently, I've realized that in many regions such philosophy has been erased and replaced with fundamentalism. Sexism, homophobia, and hatred toward other religions has become a common trait of Muslims. I find this religion beautiful and the culture it came from intriguing. Though a huge skeptic, I think Islam has the potential to become a progressive and accepting religion. So, my question is: As a fighter for gay rights (I myself am not gay), women's rights, and peace between all people no matter what - would you accept me as a fellow Muslim?

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@Locke to answer your question, can I accept you as fellow muslim? The answer is no and my reason is because your veiws are unislamic, for Allah azza wal jall has said in th qur'an, " And whosoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed, such are kafirun (disbelievers) of a lesser degree as they donot act on Allah's laws." (Sura 5:44) So if you choose to fight for gay rights, so be it, to you be your way and to me be mine. There is no debate about that, I agree that being gay has much to do with genetics but choice is do to the indiviual, for every man genetically has woman in him do to the x chromosome, so if genetics is the key factor to the outcome then every man should be gay, but we're not and that is by choice, and Allah being Adl (just) judges the intentions which sires choice. Also, you have stated that Allah is not perfect which is perfection and I agree with you but not for the resons you gave. I agree from what the qur'an has stated many times and that being, NOTHING IN CREATION IS LIKE ME, HIGH ABOVE IS ALLAH THAN THAT WHICH THEY ATTRIBUTED TO HIM, so now I must ask where does perfection exist? The answer to this is within creation and the fact that Allah has specified that nothing in creation is like the creator then perfection can not be such for Allah is high above that and creation is not the creator, creation is something the creator did, thus seperating Himself from the action. You being a

sciencitist can not refute the fact that by definition there are systems in place within creation that are perfect, one being your make up, and you also know The laws of opposites for Allah in His Hikmah (wisdom) has made opposites in creation to keep the balance, thus making Allah the source of perfection and imperfection within His creation. But Allah is neither for He is high above what is attributed to Him. Last but not least you asked what is wrong with being gay? Everything for Allah has said such are the worst in creation, and that is enough for me, and if it is not for you I understand why, for Allah has stated," whether you warn them or warn them not, they will not believe for Allah has placed a seal on their hearts." May Allah guide and protect the believer's! Slaam

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I personally would not. And I will tell you why . A Muslim is someone who submits his/her whole self to Allah. This means following his laws. Forbidding what is forbidden and implement what is lawful. Not following our own ignorant desires. Or man made laws. Do you see the difference? You can't have both. Choose Allah or choose this worldly way. Salam

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Yes, I know what Islam means and its terminology's background (historian, remember). Though the sources I read described submission as more of a notion for power and wisdom; which I believe means little for the sake of progress. Muhammad (peace be upon him) talked of how people in writing or interpreting scripture failed miserably, twice. To me this shows the fallibility, assuming that the prophets were going somewhere with their theology, of humans. Ergo, we must constantly doubt, challenge, and improve our views on everything. Thanks for the answer.

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Now wait your twisting god s message. Never did he say be gay. So no matter what you think you standing for gay rights is against god. and women's rights... What exactly do you mean? Peace no matter what kind of person or way of life. YHA good luck with that. This life is only for a short time Salam

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well not until, you say the kalimah, (declaration of faith)

the more deep you go in science, the more you ll love Islam,and come to know it

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Anyone can say kalimah. Doesn't make them Muslim.

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@TeenMuslim: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah.

La, c'est fini.

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I’m intrigued. I’d be most grateful if you would describe, in detail and with appropriate references, what it is you are ‘hugely sceptical’ about, and why.

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félicitations!, vous êtes musulman!

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Puisse Allah vous guider le profond de l'islam

Puisse Allah faire votre chemin vers le succès facile

Qu'Allah vous un vrai musulman rendre

Qu'Allah nous envoyer tous au Paradis Ameen

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@Paulus113: Thanks. Well, what I meant is that I'm just skeptical in general. My epistemological stance is that there is no such thing as perfection, because it's based entirely on personal opinion instead of universality. Therefore, we can never be perfect. God is probably near perfection, so there are two problems with scripture: 1. We can't ourselves become perfect, nor understand close to perfection as we are pretty pathetic; so those who wrote scripture and interpret it most definitely made mistakes. 2. It is unlikely that God (Allah) himself is perfect or make us perfect. So, in conclusion we must basically doubt everything so we can confirm everything we think we know, making us closer and closer to "near perfection".

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Most forums I go onto don't have any French speakers, I'm impressed (well, there is the infamous google translate).

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well, to help non English , I do.

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locke speaking french? shouldn't your name be rousseau?

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Lol! Nice one, that's actually funny!

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