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whats the ruling of this in islam. you get people who are born this way as homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender.

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You have too different type of these people and the first group are those men wh are born to have the characteristics of a woman like they will talk, walk and act the same way women are but they are fully men's who can have a wife and a children, these type of men Islam is not against them and Islam recognizes them to be born this way and they are not punished infact they are supported by Islam as they have a problem and it is not their fault they were born this way and they did not had any choice.

The second group are those men who were born normal and did not had the characteristics of a woman but later on in their life decided to change their characteristics in to that of a woman and choose to be with the same sex then these type of men Islam does not support infact their punishment in Islam is death, and also the men who was born with the characteristics of a woman but knows he is a man and can have a children but he decides to choose to be with the same sex then his punishment is also by death.

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asalaam aleykum

I am not stating as the ruling... BUT as a question may be beneficial to all of Us humans ><We have been given mouth for the purpose of....

I don't think we are going to put that food into the NOSE

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