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I'm a 15 year old boy. I was walking in Woolworths (shop) when there was two people collecting money for a donation for cancer. They aren't fake collectors and I could tell they were truthfully and legitimately collecting money for cancer. As I walked passed them, I said sorry, I don't have any money, and they said it's fine. After a few mins, I felt sad because I didn't have any money to pay them. I then returned to them with $20 and paid them. They were happy when they saw me and at the end they said have a good day. Did this result in good deeds or bad deeds? I'm just wondering because the money may go to a non-muslim with cancer.

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The prophet Muhammad sallallahu allahi WA Salam used to help non Muslims. So id say as long as your doing it for the sake of Allah and it isn't for haram things its a good deed . May Allah reward you Insha Allah. Salam.

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Charity is charity. Whether you're helping a Muslim or someone else doesn't matter because you're contributing to the saving of a life. Their religion is their choice, but their health is a concern for all good people. I've no quote from any holy text for you, just some advice from the heart.

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