Assalamualiekum. I got a problem & I want to know how can I get rid of it. My dad work hard & earn halal money. We bought a land to make home many years ago. But we couldn't make home there early because we hadn't enough money to do it. However my dad took loan & we have completed ground floor. We rent out our home & we rent another home to live. Everything was fine. None made any problem. This year dad took loan again & we have completed(without finishing work) first floor. While first floor was under construction suddenly one group of guys(local our neighbour) came to seek for contribution. Though we are also local here in that place. They were coming again & again. Finally we gave some money & told them not to come again. They said they will never come. Everything was fine & we have completed(without finishing work) first floor. Again those local guys are making problem. Their guardians are bad they don't control their boys. I am totally upset. I can take lawful step but it needs lots of evidence & paper work. I don't know why after many years we are facing this type of problem while there was no problem! I tried to pray to Allah to seek for help & to get rid of this problem but nothing happen! I just don't understand suddenly why this bad thing is happening to our home? I got doubt about it that someone did magical thing to our home so that we face problem about it but I am not sure. I have read there in an Islamic site that if I keep that specific part of Surah Mariam there in our home then it will protect our home from burglar. As a result I have print that specific part of Surah Mariam by printer & keep it there in our home. But sad to say it that burglar stole some goods from our home. I have read in a book that before & after doing any dua if you read Surah Daruday Akbar they Allah fulfil it. As a result I did but why Allah didn't listen to me? Day by day I am being hopeless. Even I cant take any help from any Jinn because there in some sites I have read it that its forbidden. Some hujir have good muslim Jinn who helps people to get solution. Is it wrong? Allah is the one & he has given some power to those Hujur who have Jinn to help people by Jinn. Without the permission of Allah nothing can happen. Allah wants those hujur to help people by those Jinn as a result they can do it else they couldn't do it. I am completely confused & helpless. Please help me & tell me how can I get rid of this problem.

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