Last night I went to sleep without haven taken suhoor, basically I accidentally slept around 11 and my alarm was not on. I had taken iftar but had not drinkin or eaten much before falling asleep... i woke up at 5 am and was clear that i had overslept and missed suhoor - normally should stop eating at 4:08 and Fajr time ends at 5:38. However, I was panicked, felt fear for the day and quickly decided to drink a big glass of water eat 2 dates and take an asprin. I knew I shouldn't have - in past years I had overslept and not taken anything, but for some reason this time I was confused and afraid and thought it was best to take care of my body and then begin to fast, remembering also that if one has water or food in the hand, or is in the act of eating when the fast begins, one can finish it. I know I should continue to fast the rest of the day, this was always my intention. I am assuming also I should make up the fast. However I am confused about whether I need to fast 60 days or feed 60 people due to the fact that I knew I was quite late and still chose to fulfill this need I thought I required physically to fast today.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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I guess you have to do Qadha as well as Kaffara because you intentionally "broke" the fast and with your full conciousness.

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