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Assalamu Alaykum,

I've had a problem with masturbation for a few months now, I really want to stop but I can't. I've literally looked up every site for help, se have helped but I still do it. I do ask Allah for forgiveness/repentance :( but sometimes I feel guilty of asking Allah for forgivness and repentance.. Can you help me please? This is a major issue, and it is killing me, this is a disease of my heart. I usually stop for 2 - 3 days but I do it after 3 days. Help me, I know this is filthy and destroying me but I need help. It's by just me who has this problem. What do I need to do to stop.. I

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Wa 'alaikumus salam. Remember death constantly. Read Qur'an. Read Islamic literature. Try to read this poem with concentration- DEATH IS NEAR! Time is precious and comes back never, if you waste it you'll have to pay for it later. Few days ago you were born, after a few days you'll be gone. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, you'll die, but the time isn't told. Deeds you do in this world shape your future, doing good is hard but pays later. Bad deeds are tempting but makes you pay, so while the sun shines make hay. We just can't stop sinning who knows why, it doesn't stop no matter how hard we try. Time is passing in time's speed, why can't we do what we need? Time is passing tick tock tick tock why can't we stop sitting like a rock? Laziness has become our second nature, although we try why can't we get better? Paradise or hell who knows what we'll get, who knows who will die in which state. Allah please have mercy on us, ya rabbul 'alamin, you can still forgive us although we sin. Save us from eternal hellfire, your punishment is too much for us, save us from your punishment, ya- malikin naas!

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Thank you my brother, death is surely the destroyer of all pleasures and remembering death helps me but I still can't stop, I end up doing, can somebody else give me some tips?

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Another tip- always stay with other people. Never stay alone. And when you have to stay alone(in toilet) then busy yourself with work or sleep. Increase love for Allah and RasoolAllah sallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam. Know that Allah sees what you do. When you musterbate or go to the toilet Allah can see you and on the day of ressurection you might be punished by Allah for musterbation. Always stay with wudu and keep your tounge busy in zikr. Always keep yourself busy with work and use your energy to good deeds.

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hmm you should focus on you deen and keep busy your self for further this article helps you alot and tell you about disadvantages of masturabtion

masturbation disadvantages how to avoid it

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