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aswk it fine if we properly do wudu and recite wird and other wazifa during menses? JazakAllah

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Whats the meaning of this word "wird"? Yes you can read wazifas and tasbit and klisten to Ayaats from Quraan during menses. Infact it is recommended because women are naapaak and shaitaan take advantage from this,

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Can one read quran with proper wudu?

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of course

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JazakAllah all....i have one more question to make....these days i am nt keeping well and hence feeling very lazy....i am very nervous as these are the ending days of ramadan and i am unable to pray as i want to...i do get up during tahajjud that even i cant read salah bt atleast i can do tasbih and i got to sleep again...i am scared if Allah will punish me for this...m i right or wrong? Please advice..

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dear sister..ALLAH sees intentions but not the acts, menses is given by him to you,,just keep tasbih,and ask ALLAH for His forgiveness

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