i have been married to my husband for two years. we were dating long distance for 4 years. when we got married i moved to his state and the first year i got to see him who he really is. he started smoking shisha, always gone late at night. his mother paid all bill most of the time. i thought he would change after we had a baby, but he got worse. he never helped me, still relying on his mom, quit his job. And whenever i asked him for some pocket money, he would tell me to go out and look for a job. he acts lazy, puts his friends first then his family and when i told his mom i want to divorce and go back home she would beg me to stay, and tell me "just be strong" "he will change". i havn't seen any changes. i feel depressed, i have no family nor friends here, i feel like the best thing for me is to move on. but i feel trapped!!

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