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Well my boyfriend (yes I am so ashamed of this) of 8 months decided that he wasn't mature enough to pursue the relationship any further and decided to call time on us. Basically I have been dumped because he wasn't prepared to commit to some sort of compromise in the troubles that we had already been having. We are both young so I do understand his issue with lacking maturity.

However, I am regretting the physical aspect of out relationship, I am reminded that he was once mature enough to promise that he would not hurt/leave/betray me and therefore got some 'privileges' from my stupidity (although they were fairly minor). I am regretting doing this due to the obvious implications in life and on judgement day etc..

I was wondering what we could both do to improve our Islamic prospects, we are still in contact and I am sure that he will understand my issue and take on board any advice. I am wondering whether there are any duas, advice that you may advise me with.

I have already prayed numerous times begging for forgiveness and guidance but I am un-sure about what else I can do. I was thinking about pursuing the relationship (if possible and within limit) in the hope of leading to marriage (to try and make our sins a little bit more acceptable if we do ever become husband and wife), or to ask our respective parents for their advice.

I would appreciate any guidance on this. Regards!

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Salam Ramadan Mubarak this is a question more fit for our community site. Sister please repost ot there . Salam

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Sadie, please may you link me the community site because I'm new to this website and am a bit un-sure about where to post. Thank you!

And Ramadan Mubarak to you too! :)

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Oh it's okay, I found the link to the community site and posted it there :)

Thank you

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keep yourself busy with zikr of Allah. now that Ramadhan is here,do your best. Pray tahajjud, Read Quraan. My Ustaad told us to finish atleast 2Khatm Quraan in Ramadhan coz its Sunnat.Pray nAwaafils namaaz. Do salaat Tawbah, for evrtyhng wrong you've done.Perform Salaat tasbih etc..

keep away from sins. its not permissible for you to be in contact with the guy because he is ghair mahram for you.

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