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Does looking at at naked women or a women in bikini, breaks one fast?

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No but there is no point of fasting in your are going to stir or look things like this, - it will make you to commit sin. - you won't concentrate in your prayer or commicuate with Allah properly because you will have her image in your head. - there will be a lots of whisper of sitan devil in your ears

Dear Brother or sister please fasten it not about just not eating or drinking, as it mention in some Hadith and I don't know which one but it say that you need to fast you eyes by not looking something's haram and fast your mouth by not eating or drinking and being nice to people and theses soften words have to come out from your mouth, fast your ear don't listen to people who are back bitten or other haram action take place just leave the room or concentrate your self by something's else. Brotherh or sister you have to make your whole body fast, it some some Hadith it say there is no point of starving your stomach if you going to commit sin .

Thanks brotherh/sister please remember me,my family other muslim in your dua

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