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Salam Alaikoum. As far back as I remember, I always been gay. I'm still even in love with my former lover. I was involved in a numerous gay relations in the past. I did it on and off through my adult life too. Happily married now, however those feeling never went away and I'm struggling so hard to fight back. But I honestly can't stop myself thinking and often fantasizing about it. I guess my question is "IS IT HARRAM TO EVEN THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT IT?". I'm so afraid don't know how long I can resist. I need advice. Please pray for me. Salam

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yes its is haraam for you to even think of this feeling. Remember the Ummat of Lut A.S. they too did the same and Allah did send punishment on them. What you can do is, make sincere tawbah for this,stay away from things which gonna reminding you of these acts. POnder and Practice on Allah's LAws and on the way of life of Nabi saw. Insha Allah you'l b successful in Dunya and Akhirat

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I am not so sure... How can I or anyone else judge you? Only Allah is the Judge and He knows what is in your heart, how you were made and what He intends for you, There are plenty of Gay Muslims and I think it is strange to just dismiss these people or their feelings. My understanding with the Ummat of Lut is that this was a whole society where men were having sex with other men. Was the majority of Lut's Ummat gay? No. This is talking about men having sex with other men to fulfill sexual desires - obviously it would not have been possible to do this with girls/women outside of marriage because of the cultural and moral codes... This kind of homoerotic behavior between straight men for the sake of pleasure has occurred throughout history and I think that it is this that Allah despises, not when people are truly made gay and are not fornicating all over the place in society and showing it around. I don't think this is as black and white as most Muslims often make it... god made you, right? Why did he make you that way? He is most loving and merciful. I would have you to my iftar in a second even if i knew you were gay, i think people need to have more compassion and understanding. Ramadan Kareem

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@Livingrain, why is it that you say things without any proofs? Do you not know that we only accept islam with textual proofs. In your statement you spoke for Allah. Nowhere it say that Allah despises gay men that were not born such. the quran and the hadith refutes what you say.And no there is no gay muslim for Allah has deemed such as the worst of creation and I'm not going mention what Ibn Abbas reported what the Rasul ssid should be done to them.Again brother read 33:36,what you are doing is very serious for the first to use qiyas opinon was the shaytan and that made ABLASA, meaning I has no hope for Allah's mercy. Salaam

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from the author of the subject:

I don't believe that I'm getting the responses I was hoping for. I was not looking for support by any means, but directions to how to deal with this. All I got is typical Muslims ignorance. to my understanding of Islam "God will forgive all sins expect SHIRK". Saying that I do believe that homosexuality is a very serious sin and I'm trying very hard not to fall back into that life style. But the fact of the matter that what I'm and I don't want to be anymore. I want to do it because I believe is very wrong. I asked for DOUAA and I hope I will get them. For the responders thanks for the compassion. Let me make it clear " I do want to change, I honestly do and Inchallah I will". SAlam

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Beloved du'a is the weapon of the believer, every act of sincere worship is inner purification, I beg Allah to accept your repentance, but don't forget that Allah will test you and we have a choice to adhere to the guidance sent to govern the affairs of men or fall victim to our hawa (desires), and I pray Allah strengthens you and guides you, for he whom Allah guides nothing or no one can misguide, and he whom Allah allows to be misguided there nothing or no one can guide them. I will make dua for you...Salaam

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