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Assalamualaikum... I'm really desperated as I am fully addicted masturbation. I am a student and, I can't study properly and it will make my accademic career weaker. Can you please suggest something wthich really helps me to get out of this. I really want to study well as I have to attend a competitive exam in coming January. I hope you people already went through problems like this . Please help me to get out of these sins and pirsuit my dreams.. I know I'm living a complete haram life. Above all I have a girl friend and I like to marry her. She is also a islam. I can't marry her now or within 3-4 years. And please help me on this subject also. Please suggestions as per Islam ( if there is any duas etc provide it ‎)‎

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fasting regularly and reading Quran, Quran increases memory, wisdom & knowledge.

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