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Noora Chahine Student Services Qibla JUN 08, 2013 | 05:01PM IDT Original message Raza wrote:

Assalamalekum brother,

My question is regarding what should i do in a situation where i think that i was the reason for divorce.

I used to like the girl very much. But I left her because i thought that as the girl is elder to me, my parents would not agree and i was very young at the time. And hence stopped talking to her.

I met her after a few months at her marriage. And i learnt that she was forced into marrying the man. I tried to convince her that she should try to adjust as a divorce would not be acceptable in our society. I was occasionally in contact with her.

Two years after her marriage, she got divorced as she just could not adjust with the husband and they hadn't consummated their marriage.

Now I feel that I was a big reason in her getting divorced, but she denies it. I don't understand, if this guilt makes anything obligated on me. Also, I want to marry her, but my parents would do not agree at all.

Waasalama Raza

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