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As salamu alaikum. Let me just go straight to my question. I have a problem about my past. After leaving High school , i started a relationship with my high school mate(male), just to have someone in mind and we love each other so much. Along the line, i entered University,on getting there,i started attending muslim student society programmes. There i mixed with alot of muslim brothers and sisters, as time goes on ,i found out that "boyfriend and girlfriend" in islam is Haram. So,i told my Ex-boyfriend about it, so he agreed and then we quit. But it was so hard distancing my self from him( though we had nothing together i.e no shaking of hands, no physical relations ,we only see in public. So before we quit the relationships ,he asked me to promise him that i will not accept anybody proposals until if we are ready to marry and that if he says he's no more interested , i made d promise all bcz i love him and i want a legal relationship and that is the reason for me to end the relationship. Although,we are born muslims , we pray our daily solawat and d rest, but we are just coming up. After some months, i started learning the about the correct islam,leaving bid'ah alone , and practicing sunnah. Then i learnt that the best thing for me is to marry a sunnatic man who will help with my deen ,correct me of some act i called worship but bid'ah. Though,i'v started attending arabic and fiqh class along with my studies. And my former Ex- boyfriend dnt knw much abt this things, So, i told one of our muslim sisters about the promise i made , and she said it was a false one, dt i made the promise out of ignorance. I also asked one more sister,she also said the same thing. So, i decided to forget him, and plan on getting married to a sunnatic muslim brother. After three months, i saw a muslim brother and i like him , then he proposed to me , i accepted d proposal to get married to him After which my former Ex- came back and called to reunite us back in halal way .That is where my problem started . I was so confused that i do not know what to do. And i read one hadith of the prophet which says "when a man comes for your daughter whose religion and character is acceptable to u, marry your daughter to the person, so i want to know how to define a religious and a pious man.

Please your advice is needed. Who should i go for? Jazakumullahu khairan

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best thing to do is to pray istikhara namaaz and leave the decision to Allah,

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