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Salamun alaikum brothers and sistes in islam. Please i will like a detailed explanation on how salatul tasbihi is parformed because i learnt it is sunnah and very inportant thank you and Ramadan kareem

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yes Dear, you have to read 3rd Kalma(half, subhanAllah .. to Wallah ho Wakbar) for 300 time in 4 raqat of namaz..75 times in each raqat.. 15 times after subhana kalla huma,then sura fateh then other surah..then 10 times before going to ruko,then 10 times in ruko,then 10 times in qayam(standing after ruko) then 10 times in sajda then 10 time sitting after sajda then 10 times in 2nd sajda.. thats how read 4 raqat namaz 75 time in every raqat.. and yes after 1st raqat when u stand up for 2nd,3rd,4th raqat strt raqat by reading 15 times.. hope u got this..

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