i love her more then anything.cant live far from her,but want my love to be Pak as my feelings are.. we dont meet dont see each other,just waiting for the day we will get married, till then..can i have contact with her?only calls,message,chat etc.. please Answer with reference..

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if you dont live without here then i think you should send her marriage proposal to her and get married

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contact before marriage is a serious sin so please don't let your self fall into the devils trap

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i am deadly in love..cant live a sec without her

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sir why don't u just tell her how u feel and arrange for the marriage date early so that you are both together inshallah i will pray for u both does she feel the same way?

(Sep 28 '13 at 04:47) Fashionista Fashionista's gravatar image

its not easy to marry her,have to wait for 4 years:( and I cant..

(Sep 28 '13 at 05:10) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

why don't u talk to her on Skype do u have Skype? i friend of mine is in the same situation as u she had been engaged to a man but isn't able to talk to him due to her strict parents i told her to be patient as that is the only way to it allah swt watchs over us and hears our prays u should read the quran as i have learnt that when some one is in need of help or like u e.g they should read the holy Quran so that they become patient hope i helped sir

(Sep 28 '13 at 15:58) Fashionista Fashionista's gravatar image

yes I do talk to her..fashionista and dat was my question is.. can I talk to her before marriage.. lost inside her love,plz pray for us every1

(Sep 30 '13 at 00:15) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

salam, i will only remind u of one thing brother, no mater how mch u claim to love her, fear ALLAH n remove bad tots from ur mind, fear ZINA, fear d grave, fear the here after, fear JaHaNaM

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assalamualaikum yes you are allowed to talk to each other and as you are far away from each other it is fine as long as you don't get into talking about something that may be haram, also you cant talk to each other like everyday only sometimes because obviously we as muslims don't act like the western people, also you should get married as soon as possible as long as you are ready, may allah grant you a happy blessed marriage and may she be the best for you in the hereafter inshallah hope my answer helped btw if you go on youtube and look at Dr Zakir Naik videos you will surely get the correct answer to your question, i have watched nearly all his videos and i have learnt a lot also you will get references from him because whatever he says, he supports it with reference from the quran and hadith it helped me alot

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its complicated..:( i wish.. but have to wait to make her mine ( and cant wait),and yes u helped me well,this page helped me well, need prays dear..

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why don't you bring forward the wedding date? the faster, the better it is. praying all the best for both of you. may Allah bless :)

*i don't know whether i'm answering your question or not. sorry if i'm not helping at all

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Agreed..but.... yes dear Ask

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jodoh is one of the qadar.

jodoh is someone/something that Allah has destined for us. it has been written in Luh Mahfuz. eg: marriage, death, etc.

in your case, your jodoh is the one whom Allah has destined 2 be your spouse. it may be her(the girl you mentioned) or other people. meanwhile love is something that we do not confirm yet.

its a wisdom that i got from someone: *i loike it! no matter how faithful we're to someone, no matter how best we strive, no matter how long we wait, no matter how long we patience, no matter how honest our acceptance, if Allah does not fate us to be together, we'll still not be together in the end.

btw, can i ask u something?

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