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ASSSALM-O-ALAIKUM, i have a question,if u have time than please reply.its about 3 years back that i was very happy,beautiful & healthy but now i really don't no that what happened to me i am totally blacked the noor totally had gone from my face and my body is very skinny(weak).When i look at my age fellows i really get sad that what is wrong with me. i was reciting a word al-shafi al-noor but nothing happen and then someone said me that i shoud make a naqush of surah yaseen and wear it in the form of taweez i relly dont no what to do. waiting for you answer.

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maybe someone envied you,,, or maybe its a test to see if you will stay a strong believer are you doing all that is required of you in islam?>

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i hope so.

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