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Peace be upon you all,

I went to my inlaws house sitting on the living room sofa then i notice my inlaw opposite me sitting in her chair was muttering/whispering something out of her mouth which I cant make out what was being said then when she finished whispering she got out of her chair came over and touch both the thumbs of my hands then quickly went into the kitchen like nothing happened. Before this happened I was fidgeting with my hands together because I was bored sitting on the sofa. It felt strange at the time.

The next time I visit the house her grandchildren were present. I was speaking to her grandson in the front garden asking questions like who looks after your grandmother as she lives alone and what she do in her spare time etc. The grandson who is 14 years old replied that his family visit her once in a while and she also practices black magic upstairs in her house. She keeps all the rooms locked upstairs in the house and do not let anyone in them.

I was shocked when he said black magic then it start to come together and make sense to me. Im a 31 year old male still living with parents. Still unmarried. My family is negative against me especially my mother who hates me even though I dont do anything wrong or get in trouble. I do not know whether black magic is done on my mum to hate me or black magic is done on me so she hates me? I educated with a degree from university from my early 20's however I am still unemployed. I feel like giving up job searching because of bad luck/black magic. Girls are always negative around me even thought I am tall, dark and I would not consider myself ugly or anti-social. I have no friends apart from a couple. My family is dysfunctional on the verge of breaking up and always there is arguments in the family. I always was a funny/happy person since my childhood. I had a great childhood with loads of friends and I remember I had a great family. Now I still trying to be happy still thinking that I am lucky person still survivng comparing to poor people dying in the world from starvation or families being bombed and killed in wars. I still consider myself fortunate comparing to these horrible scenarios. So I still try to be positive but feel like I losing control of myself because of my mental health. I believe bad mental/emotional health is worser than physical pain itself. For example a torturer will torture his victim physically not just to inflict pain but to break open his/her mind so they speak out. The physical injuries can heal but mental injuries take long to heal or be permanent.

I still notice little children/kids/babies/toddlers still like me and are not negative like everyone else? I believe little kids are innocent and are not effected?

I feel alone and do not feel part of the family and I am worried. My dad prays salah 5 times a day and sometimes my mum prays as well and my other family members pray like myself which is few times a week which I know is not good enough however I believe my mental health is getting worse.

I was so desperate I was about to see a so called islamic healer who charges £15 for a diagnosis of black magic and he prescribed stones/gems. Each gem cost about £40-£50 to wear on the finger. It is so called that each colour gem represent a treatment. For example a red gem makes you attractive to a opposite sex or even make them fall in love with you. Or a green gem that wards off black magic. Or a blue gem that makes you more courage stronger. Or even sacrifice a animal and bury it by a graveyard. I was advised from a another patient of his that the spiritual healer requires my mother's maiden name, my DOB and my full name for the diagnosis/treatment to work. Why is that?

However I did not go as I believe this is a sin. Hence why I come to these forums to seek advise and find out the halal way of removing black magic from me and my family?

I understand Allah can remove the black magic hence why I did not go to the spiritual healer who has a contract with a Jinn.

Please advise and help.

Thank you,

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Don't do any spells or anything of that sort. That would be sorcery. Do not ask protection from anyone besides Allah. If you do that would be a sign of disbelief and would be a major sin. I don't know much about sorcery and magic but a suggestion would be to pray 5 times a day and ask Allah for his protection from the sorcerers, jinn's , etc. and ask for forgiveness. Be sincere in your dua. inshallah this solves your problem.

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Shame on you named as Bibi amina Alas! you are definitely in the wrong path may Allah give you Hedayah. Doing any spell believing in it wearing any tabij or ring or anything believing it'll cure you is CLEAR SHIRK means prostrating others in this case that tabij,ring etc. May Allah give you Hedayah.

Flanders can you see oxygen no. can you touch it? no. can you see God you believe in? No

Then how can you be so sure that there's no jeen or evil spirits or Devil (Shatan)? In our religion we believe in Allah our God and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is Allah's messenger. And Allah said there are Angels as his army, jeen as like us a creation of Allah and Shatan our enemy who whisper in our mind and heart to do wrong.

May Allah give you Hedayah.

And for this site owners In the name of Allah What's wrong with you people??? Astagfirullah what kind of topic is this and what type of answer has taken the top place. Naujubillah are you trying to make fun of Islam?

May Allah show you right path

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Assalam alikum, i do agree with you (followrightpath). there should be some security over the site and only well known scholars should answer the questions being asked with evidence from Quruan and Prophets ( peace be upon him ). and only well educated good scholars should be authenticated to answer the questions. beacuse there is the threat of non-muslims to deceive us or even muslims who have less knowledge and are keen to help others may end up giving a false thought as solutions and both the one seeking help and providing help may go astray.

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Asalaamu alaykum. No there aren't ant scholars to my knowledge on this site. And most questions are answered by source of Qur'an and authenticated sunnah. There is also a point system set up. If you know with proofs the answer is wrong or misleading the vote down. If its correct then vote up. If you accept someone's answer by clicking on the check mark next to the answer . Salam

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assalamuwalaikum. prophet Mohammed (saws) had advised us surah naas and surah falaq to get rid of black magic.recite them frequently. read namaz Qur'an daily.inshallah you will be cured. may Allah guide you and me on the right path.

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Listen listen listen. Ignore some comments I get it i get it. Listen up.

Allah I beileve in the Quran has said when your in a desperate time of need like everything is being bad ur depressed ur not lucky in marriage issues and stuff then u should ONLY turn to Allah and Allah ONLY! You should not go to a fortune teller or any of this stuff as they are allied with satan themselves. You are right thats a really big big sin.

Maybe this will help

  1. Read the namaz 5 times a day.
  2. Read the Quran. 2 or 3 pages a day wont hurt.
  3. Ask Allah for guidance, safety and mercy.
  4. This site has some duas u can memorise and say when making a dua after any namaz
  5. Have patience.

Hope for the best and inshalla Allah will guide and help you in ur hard times.

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for black magic i found this article that states about signs and symptoms of black magic

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Listen to the ruqya and do a ruqya bath. It really works. Keep doing your 5 times namaaz. Remem that by Allahs will it affected you and only by Allah it will go. do not do any black magic reversal spell that to is magic. Keep patience its hard but Allah is testing you and your love for him. It will help if you keep away from the person you believe is doing this to you. Go to the ruqya support website you will get help from there.

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Black Magic Spell Reversal With The Help of Holy Quran

For someone is under black magic, and he wants to reverse the spell so that it affects the person who has cast it on him, so he can do this with the help of the quranic verses.

One important thing is that, if someone has got a talisman from the magician for this spell, then you can use the reversal spell, otherwise, if the magician himself has done this spell on you then dont do this reversal spell. because you cannot defeat the magician yourself. If you try it and you dont know much about it, then you will suffer at the hands of the magician. Because the magician has jinnat and they help him.

If you reverse the spell on the magician then he will order the jinnat to again reverse the spell on you. Because he will know what you are doing.

The magician has the help of the king of jinnat and a lot of other jinnat who help him and are at his service. These jinnat can reverse any spell 24 hours all the time. Even if you bring a lot of other people and try to reverse the spell, you wont be able to harm the magician because he has 1000s of jinnat to help him, and they also have an alim jin who teaches them all kinds of magical spells. He has solutions to all kinds of reversal spells. That’s why be cautious while doing this spell.

If its some simple magician, and he does not have any jinn then you can do this reversal spell yourself. But if he has arvah and jinnat then it is difficult and risky for you, and in that case you will also lose your money. And then you will be looking for treatement everywhere. if this black magical spell was cast upon you by some woman or man through some taveez/talisman then you can try the reversal spell and keep in mind and say that if it’s through some woman or man, then cast this reversal spell, otherwise dont.

3 times darood, then Sura Abas(as much as you can recite) again darood 3 times in the end. And then say that, whoever has cast black magical spell on me, it should all go back to him/her and should all affect him/her and should stay with them.

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sister,i was a victim of this and i used to quarrel with my husband and all others very badly even from before marriage.after few years knew about sihr on me.i diagnosed and took treatment from a mufti who has jinns,gave me 7written tabij to burn.for few months we stayed fine but i am becoming high tempered again and making quarrel with all.i am staying apart from my him for silly issues and now a days he is also not cooperatng me.but we love each other. how can i understand that i am the victim again?is there any way to find out who did this?can i make a reverse spell and how?will it harm me?

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please see this video to find a way out for you problem

remember me,my family and other muslim in ur dua

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Curse, magic spells, hex and jinn is just to ignore. Just think you can´t touch it. Only God can and is the one that is in heaven looking down.. There is nothing in between, there is no evil spirits, no jinns and no demons. Only you have your choice to do good or evil, and God will help you to do good rather than evil.

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