Salam, is marijuana acceptable in islam. It is a medicine after all

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i think if you actually use it as a medicine, but also there are many other type of pain relivers people just like this medicine it would be much better to just use an alternite pain medication to avoid such intoxicants to the brain its rarley ever reccomended by doctors anymore because there are other medicines that do the same without the harm the so called "medical marujana clinics" like those placed on venice beach obviously cater to the public as i see many random people walk into there and as a californian i know how much people abuse the law that allows medical marujana i mean really how would a teenager get their hands on it i dont even know what type of pain a typical highschooler would have that would allow them to have it and trust me i went to public high school for a year and i know how much students really use it its like alchohol many people claim its good if used in moderation, but how many people really take one sip for health gain? its best if banned completly to avoid the risk and temptation, if you take any single act and put it on a scale and weight in its benifits and its harms you would see which one has more weight and if it is prohibited or not

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@muslim student:

yes but you must relize there is a difference between arabs and muslims one may be arab and not muslim and one may say they are muslim and still make mistakes or say prohibited acts are halal do not base your actions on what others do and instead follow sunnah and quran if you use the scale as i mentioned the good effects and bad affects you would see the posotive side only contains relaxation and the negative side includes damage to brain dammage to lungs damage to others around you its costly and addictive so I label it as prohibited if somthing does more harm than good then its haram which is why smoking is haram and i admit my family does smoke but i dont and we discourage my father and grandfather and even being raised in an envroment like this where even very religious and scholorly men smoke you must still remember your body is a ni3ma, a blessing, and you should be thankfu with it not harm it even if somone says its just one cigarate it still does harm like i said with the alchohol people claim its good for you if used in moderation but in islam even one little drop is prohibited imagine if cigarretes and hookas were invented at that time it has absoulutly no health gain and even used in moderation harms you it would have indeed been prohibited in a blink of an eye

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Many people use it to intentionally intoxicate themselves, which is haram

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what about the hooka shops were all the arabs go.. is that not haram?

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*hooka bars

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