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As-salamu alaykum,

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and I have had braces for about a year. I had 4 teeth removed to have the braces placed. Recently, online I read that in Islam, women that have teeth removed for the sake of beauty are cursed. I can't find any validations to see if this is true are not. Please help, I'm the only religious one in my family . I would really appreciate Thank You~

EDIT: Please help me I am really scared

of course not it is not haram braces are not for the sake of beauty and i think the beauty case that they replace their teeth with gold or something don't worry about anything ur good

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Thank you so much I was so scared!

(Aug 05 '13 at 20:57) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

ur more than welcome sister , thank Allah that u r the only religious one in ur family may u always be religious and i hope ur family becomes too with ur help

(Aug 05 '13 at 21:04) tokabo tokabo's gravatar image
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