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I was emotionally attached to a man who was suffering from kidney failure disease . But he had undergone kidney transplant and currently he is fit. He was caring for me and he took my care at that point of time when everybody including my parents considered me wrong in a situation and i was lonely in the world. He was the one who consoled me.He was good in every aspect apart from health and still I promised him that i will stay with him and won't left him. I spoke to her mother also and she was also convinced for both of us.But my family was not ready at all. They are forcing me to marry in my relationship a boy who I don't like but still I m forced. I am confused, n currently a week ago I broke my all relationship and contact with the man I love . He always used to told me that I am very special to her because i accepted him after knowing each and every medical problem he faced. But how to disobey my parents so i left him suddenly. He tries to contact me by texting me , last time he told that her mother was hurtled too much when he told her my changed decision. Did I do the right , I need to know .plz help me.

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