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I am a student doing my PhD research under scholarship. I got married last year and my wife have gold. Do I have to give Jakat and if so how much jakat do I have to give.

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Thank you brothers for your kind advice. However, I have no other income rather than my Scholarship for Study and I am in a little depth now. The all we have is my wife's gold and jewellery. Shell I borrow more money form someone else to pay the jakat? or what could be other possible solutions?

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And here's a student of islam talking about who needs to give zakat: - (you might find that the description of this video answers your question much more directly)

And a student of islam talking about giving zakat on gold or jewellery:

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you can only pay zakat from your own money, you're not entitled to taking your wifes' money in Islam.

But of course I haven't quoted any evidence from the Quran/hadiths to back this up, so here's a video from someone who knows about this area of Islam instead who's discussing this, I hope it's useful :)

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yes you have to pay the zakat and the money depend on how much gold you have. thanks

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