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my husband and i were messing and playing around...and he just accidentally said " I'm Single, I don't have a wife" for fun..we were pretending to be 2 different people, acting like we were in a movie..i know it was stupid...but could this mean that he actually divorced me..after the words came out we both were was just for fun..he never meant it..

plxx help us..we dont know what to do..

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if he say I divorce you for three time then yes even if it serious or joke, but if he say you not my wife then I don't think that mean you not husband or wife

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Playing around with words of divorce should not be taken lightly, especially as it is so easy for a man to divorce his wife in Islam. Alaah has placed enormous weight on those three words. But let no man think that they are without accountability in front of Allah after they are pronounced. It seems to be the case that people play around with the words of divorce without much thought. But let me ask you a question: Do you think that a dangerous tool is safe in an incompetent man's hands? Beware of how you handle what Allah has made available to you. It is not a game.

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